Legal Lippy

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world that is Lippy Ladies MCC. I’m  Jacqui the Club Secretary (aka Legal Lippy) and have been with the Club since we formed.

I got my bike licence back in 1996 after one of my mates starting dating a biker.  I just thought it looked the coolest thing in the world and I was right and it’s been even better since I met this group of ladies.  It is great to have a circle of friends who share my interest in motorcycles and my riding has improved massively since I have been riding in the group.   I have even done a track day for the first time.

I live in South Yorkshire so as well as enjoying the wonderful roads of Yorkshire you can also find me riding around Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire on my FZS 600 Fazer, which is a great all rounder.

The Lippy Ladies is a very sociable group with lots of characters, lots of different bikes and varying levels of riding abilities.  If you are looking to enhance your riding skills or just want to have a laugh with a bunch of lasses who share your interest in bikes then come and join us.

If you have any questions about the Club rules or membership, then feel free to email me

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