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Hi all, my name is Helen and I am the 2014 Vice Chair of a club that I have been part of since it was 6 months old. I am a South Yorkshire Lippy residing in Doncaster, but I also spend a lot of time with the ‘Westies’, ‘Northies’ and soon to be ‘Easties’ so most members will get to see me at the Social evenings or ride outs.

Our club is still relatively new, (we are only in our third year),but we are growing in numbers all of the time. Needless to say, I am proud of our club, our members and our achievements in such a short period of time and we are still expanding… and it’s not just the cake!

I come from a family of bikers – I think it’s genetic – and first learned to ride a bike when I was 14 years old – I wheelied (accidently) into a patch of stinging nettles… and it still didn’t put me off! Thirty something… years later I currently own a shiny new Tiger 800 (acquired in September) and a 22 year old DR250 (apparently they wheelie very easily too!). I love riding bikes it’s like a drug and I am definitely addicted. Between March and September this year I put 10K on my BMW before trading up to the tiger. The Tiger has 2.5K on it already, and don’t get me started on the price of petrol!

I took my advanced bike test this year and to be honest I thought I was a good (and importantly safe) rider before I took my test, but I learned a lot and it really has made me a safe and more confident rider. I will be encouraging other riders to do the same.

For me 2013 with the Lippies has included a weekend in the Dales, a weekend in Wiltshire, a week in Normandy, a weekend in Wales and a lot of Sunday rideouts. There is a lot to do with the Lippies and it’s not just bike related! Our events and activities are organised by the members for the members and have also included trips to theatre and spa days too.

In my role as Vice-Chair, I would like to encourage all (or even wannabe) lady bikers to come and try us out. Our Sunday rideouts are suitable for learners, so you don’t have to have passed your bike test to be a lippy. In fact a number of our members have passed their test whilst with us and gone onto bigger and better biking exploits. Lippy adventures in the planning stage for next year include trips to Germany, Wales, Ireland, the Lakes and more… Life’s an Adventure – Live It, come and see for yourself.

Ask yourself this…

Do I like bikes?

Do I want to meet and make new likeminded friends?

Do I like having fun?

Do I like cake? Mmm cake…

Am I a bit bonkers… no … if you join us that will come with time honest!

If you want to find out more you can contact me by email at:


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