Lippy Ladies Motorcycle Club

Lady bikers doing what lady bikers do.

Hello lady bikers, female bikers, lady motorcyclists, lady riders, lady pillions, ladies in general, females in general and non-ladies alike. Whatever your self-defined label, this site is best viewed in lippy-vision – with a sense of fun and a dollop of cake!

Welcome to the Lippy Ladies Motorcycle Club, Yorkshire’s newest and fastest growing club for lady bikers.

Affiliated to the BMF.

Lippy-ship is open to all lady bikers, lady motorcyclists, lady riders and lady pillions in Yorkshire area, regardless of the size and style of your bike, trike or scooter. Learner lady bikers and novice lady bikers are particularly welcome, and will find a safe and encouraging environment in which to gain confidence and improve their riding skills.

We are an extremely active club and we expect members to take an active part in some of the socials, ride outs and other sub-regional and full club events organised throughout the year. With Lippy reps serving all areas of Yorkshire, we can guarantee there is plenty of Lippy-ness going on in any given month for you to choose from. And if you cannot choose, then feel free to get totally lippy and be involved in everything!.

Lippy-ship is by application. We would encourage future LippiesĀ  to take advantage of the free 1 month associate Lippy-ship and to spend time with other Lippies at social or on ride outs before applying for full Lippy-ship.

Our aims are:

  • to promote the motorcycling and biking lifestyle amongst the female population;
  • to promote and encourage advanced rider training;
  • to support and encourage future generations of Lippy lady bikers;
  • to ride, have fun, eat cake and not take ourselves too seriously

Click on the menu for a flavour of who we are and what we do. If you like what you see, we would love to see you. Check out Lippy Life to find the your nearest Lippy event or contact your Local Lippy for further information.