South Yorks Lippies do Biker Cafe and Culture

April’s South Yorks region ride-out took us up to the Manor Bikers Cafe at Bellerby just north of Leyburn in North Yorkshire.  The route is quite a simple one, following the A629 from Barnsley through Huddersfield, Halifax, Keighley and Skipton where we picked up the A65 and the B6265 to Grassington and then the B6160 and A684 to Leyburn and finally the A6108 to Bellerby.

The weather forecast was cloud and rain so appropriate attire was required;  Legal Lippy in her attractive waterproof onesie, Linda in her lovely purple number, Tricia and Jo in their textiles and Jemma in, erm, well just in her normal leathers as she had no waterproofs!   However as we set off the sun was shining and thoughts of adverse weather were soon forgotten.

We stopped off at Halifax to pick up Aldene (half an hour later than anticipated!) and headed to Keighley for a coffee and petrol stop.   Still the weather stayed fine.  Ha, famous last words!  As we resumed our ride on the A629 the gentle sprinkle of rain started and by the time we hit the B6160 the heavens had well and truly opened.  It was a shame as the B6160 is a fantastic road with some beautiful views and fun bends.

The rain gave up after 20 minutes and by the time we reached Leyburn the sun had returned.  After one slight wrong turn we reached the Manor Cafe where Kath and Tina were waiting to welcome us.  We peeled off our damp attire (some more damp than others!) and dug into some staple biker food, burger and chips!

We headed back home by a different route on the A6108 to Ripon as we were planning a coffee stop at Fountains Abbey.  The National Trust was giving free entry so it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.  Once again, the weather took a slight turn for the worse and we arrived at the Abbey a bit damp.  However a hot drink was just the ticket and by the time we drank up the sun was out again and in fact stayed out for the rest of the day.

After a nice tour of the Abbey it was back on the bikes to head home.  We took the A61 through Harrogate, onto Wetherby and joined the A1 to head home.  Some ladies were meant to go on the M1 but Linda made sure they found their way home.

All in all it was a fantastic day.  Where else do you get to ride your motorcycle, have a great laugh, nice food and a bit of culture all in one day.

Jacqui (aka Legal Lippy)

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