Lippy Constitution

We, being the the Lippies of the united states of freedom, miles’n’smiles, sisterhood and cake, gathered together for the purposes of spreading the wonders of Lippydom, do hold the following truths to be self-evident:

i) That the Constitution of the Lippy Ladies MCC shall ever after be downloadable from the link hereafter set hereunder, and that those shall be the last pompous words used;

ii) That it shall be the way, the truth and the light, but shall not be taken too seriously on pain of the withdrawal of cake rights;

iii) That it shall be sent hither and thither (poetic, not pompous) to other organisations (banks and such like) who demand such things to convince them of our essential seriousness;

iv) That it shall guide us in our mission to spread the wonders of Lippyhood, to guide us when decisions are called for, to frame our purpose and to aid us when justice is called for (that last piece of cake conundrum…).

So feel free to avail yourself of a copy, but do be warned that with the exception of Legal Lippy, who has a special licence in such things, anyone who spends too much time reading it, quoting it or otherwise breaching ii) above shall be subject to metaphorical penalties ranging from the withdrawal of cake rights to being forced to ride wearing the Golden Anorak.


Please click Constitution-IssueA to download your copy.