South Yorkshire Lippy

Hi, I’m Dee, and I live on the outskirts of Barnsley with my man, a horde of rabbits and guinea pigs and two Triumphs.

Bikes have been a part of my life since I was a child, as my Dad had many ranging from Brits to Japs, so biking found its way into the blood early on.

There were gaps where I was a pillion, but my life was always around bikers and the biker lifestyle, and I came back to riding properly in 2004 when my man bought me a ratty old CB500 as a first step, and it was duck’s, water and all that stuff again.  On of his favourite stories from those days involves a Scottish rally with a club he and I ended up running, and the sight of my green flying ratty CB500 steaming past him on a long straight, in his words, “defying the laws of physics”…

Next came an SV650 which I loved to bits but which let me down mechanically on another rally ride out, so it was over to the Brit side and a Triumph TT600 which carried me all over the UK (well, the bits you can reach without leaving this island).

The TT600 got traded in for my awesome and much-loved Tiger 800 “Tig” and a new lease of biking life and confidence was born, as I also took up some IAM training and did courses with the i2i motorcycle academy.

I met the founders of this club when I was looking for ladies to ride with, and I love the camaraderie, cake and friendship I’ve found with them. The lack of blokes talking bollix helps too!

So who am I – well I am a biker lass with a blessed biking life and through this rep thing I want to help others find that, whilst paying tribute to the Gods of biking and cake.

If you are in the region and want to join us for a social or ride out you can email me at

  You’ll find a warm welcome waiting and fun times to be had. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

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