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Hi all, my name is Berni and I will be the 2014/15 vice-chair for the club that has been a BIG part of my life since it started in 2011.

I am based in York, so am part of the North Yorkshire Lippies but also ride out and meet up with all our other regions. .

I have been riding, near constantly, since I was 17 and come from a biking background. I first rode pillion on my dads Bonneville at the age of 9 and was instantly hooked!

At 17,  I ‘’borrowed’’ a Honda 90 and quickly passed my test on my trusty GP125. Then onto a beautiful X5 (GT200) until the kids came along! Lol
After several years playing mum ( far too many, I say!) , I returned to the magical world of bikes with a Suzuki SV 650. She did me proud until I made the ‘’mistake’’ of test riding a Ducati Monster……… the rest is history as they say!😀😀😀

During my time with Lippies, I have done so much and taken some fantastic trips. From cake decorating, to my first bike tour in Europe. The club is so much more than just bikes (as if that wasn’t enough!). It’s a way to be social, meet new friends, try new activities and gain new skills. As we enter our fourth year as an amazing all girls MCC, our numbers are steadily growing and I for one, am extremely proud to be part of , what is for me, an extended family.

In my role as Vice-Chair, I would like to encourage all (or even wannabe) lady bikers to come and try us out. Our Sunday ride outs are suitable for learners, so you don’t have to have passed your bike test to be a Lippy. In fact a number of our members have passed their test whilst with us and gone onto bigger and better biking exploits. Trips this year have been to the Lakes, Scotland, Ireland and Germany, with others in between.

So, if this appeals to you, remember …………..Life’s an Adventure – Live It, come and see for yourself.

Ask yourself this…

Do I like bikes?

Do I want to meet and make new like-minded friends?

Do I like having fun?

Do I like cake? Mmm cake…

Am I a bit bonkers… no … if you join us that will come with time honest!

Berni x

If you want to find out more you can contact me by email at:


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